Abundant Pastures Ranch (About Us)  
  Abundant Pastures Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch located 30 miles west of Green Bay and 50 miles North of Appleton. We specialize in grass fed and grass finished Jersey/Holstein cross steers and Scottish Highlanders. We follow organic farming guidelines on our ranch but are not certified. We use no pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or vaccines. Our operation is 100% forage based and we practice intensive rotational grazing. We do this style of farming so we can promise to provide you and your family with healthy and natural beef! Visit our ranch to see where your food is coming from!

 Grassfed beef take longer to 'finish' than corn-fed feedlot beef and are usually ready by the end of their second season on pasture. They are definitely worth the wait as their meat is higher in Omega 3's, Vitamins A, D, E, B-12, folate and carotene and there is no risk of Mad Cow Disease because they are fed no animal by-products. Grassfed beef also have about 300 times less E. coli bacteria, and because it is not acid resistant due to corn feeding, it is destroyed more readily in our stomachs.  

 Our meat is butchered locally, dry aged for 14 days, cut to your specifications, wrapped in freezer paper and flash frozen by a state inspected butcher (Adams Meats). Pick up is at his shop in Pella Wisconsin (2 miles from our ranch). We sell steers by hanging weight. (wholes, halves or mixed quarters are available.) 

The Jones Family